What is Kettering Connect?

Kettering Connect is our secure web-based co-op & career services software system students will use throughout their Kettering University education. 
The system allows students to:
  • Upload Microsoft Word resume(s)
  • View and apply for co-op job opportunities
  • Track resume referrals
  • View and register for Co-op Program Events
  • Complete the Online Co-op Work Evaluations
  • View Career Spots professional development videos
Students who have uploaded a resume to Kettering Connect can view and apply for co-op employment opportunities in early April.

Important Kettering Connect Guidelines:

  • Co-op jobs are posted for 7-10 days. The date the job will expire is listed in the title of the job.
  • It is your responsibility to view these postings and request your resume be referred to employers of interest.
  • View postings weekly. Be patient. Do not be discouraged if there are no postings of interest each time you log in. The information will change regularly as new postings are received and others are closed.
  • Jobs listed are in many geographic areas. If requesting your resume be referred to an employer in a different geographic area, be certain you are willing to relocate.
  • Only request your resume be sent to employers in which there is a sincere interest.
  • Review postings carefully. Critical information, such as section preferences (A or B), job requirements, housing information, and class levels are listed. Be sure your credentials match the description. Some employers request an “Apply Direct” process which means the employer wants you to apply through their website. The URL to their site will be listed.
  • Remember, Kettering Connect is only one resource for your co-op employment search. You are encouraged to utilize additional resources such as personal networks, the Internet, and most importantly your Co-op Manager.

Kettering Connect Login

  1. URL: https://www.myinterfase.com/kettering/student/home.asp
  2. Use your Kettering LDAP username and password login (Same as Blackboard, Banner Web, Webmail)
  3. If you forgot your password, please contact Kettering Technical Support toll-free at (800) 955-4464 extension 8324 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST


Kettering Connect - Student Login