Tools for Securing a Professional Co-op Position

Remember that your approach will have a significant impact on your success. The timeline depends on many factors, such as the economy, student involvement, and geographic limitations. It is critical to have patience, flexibility and most of all, open communication with your Co-op Manager. The process is much like a typical job search. There are no guarantees and your success depends on your involvement.

Cooperative Education Manager:

  • Acts as your personal co-op “agent” - connecting you with, and marketing you to, co-op employers
  • Critiques your resume
  • Provides professional coaching and advice throughout your Kettering career
  • Acts as a liaison between you and your co-op employer

Who is my Cooperative Education Manager?

Co-op Managers are initially assigned by geographic territories. You may find a list on the co-op website or contact the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services at (810) 762-9846. They will gladly direct you to your Co-op Manager. Once you are employed, your Co-op Manager may change. It is essential for you to know who is responsible for the organization with which you are employed.

Kettering Connect:

  • Available at
  • Submit and update your resume
  • Apply for co-op positions online – available to incoming freshmen in early April

Co-op Employment Fairs:

  • Dates, locations, more information and registration available at
  • Held on campus during the spring, summer and fall

Professional Development Seminars:

  • Series offered on campus to enhance your marketability – watch for dates and topics


  • Talk with your parents about social and professional organizations in your hometown
  • Contact the local Chamber of Commerce for a list of local employers
  • Read your local newspaper; especially the Business and Help Wanted sections
  • Provide contact names to your Co-op Manager, who will follow up with potential employers

Things to remember going into the co-op job search process:

  • Be flexible and have realistic expectations
  • Take initiative
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Stay in close contact with your Co-op Manager through phone or email
  • Be sure to follow up on all employer correspondences