Charlie Swett

Sophomore Class Representative


I came to Kettering from Troy schools in Michigan but I lived in Goodrich, a small town an hour north of troy. When I first came to Kettering I was worried about fitting in but to my surprise I had a great time and everyone was extremely friendly. I like going to school here at Kettering a lot and I would like to give back to this community and ensure that Kettering continues to be a Positive community.

What activities are/were you involved in at Kettering and high school? (list academic year, as well as any positions you may have held in any organization).

High School

  • French Club(freshman-senior)


-public relations officer(sophomore-junior)

  • Marching band(freshman-senior)

                -Drum line section leader(senior)

                -Tenor drums sub-section leader(junior)

                -Best Freshman/senior award

  • Graduated with Cum Laude honors
  • Detail Technician/Business Organizer for Classic Appreciation (sophomore-junior)
  • Physics Club(senior)

-Vice President(senior)

  • Red Hawk of the Quarter(senior)


  • Relay For life committee member and team captain(high school junior-Present)
  • Attended Kettering’s Camp C.O.M.P.A.S.S. leadership camp(freshman)
  • Representative for Unit 42 in the Residents Hall Association(freshman)
  • Outdoors Club(freshman)
  • REAL Service(freshman-present)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers(freshman)
  • Engineering Society of Detroit(freshman-present)
  • Kitchen Assistant for Kettering’s Thomson Hall(freshman)
  • Student Assistant at DTM(freshman-present)
  • FYE focus group(freshman-present)
  • FYE Student leader(sophomore)
  • Philanthropy Chair for Delta Tau Delta

What is the one trait you want people to know you for?

One of my traits that I am known for is my work ethic. Whether it’s school work, work for my

Co-Op, or volunteer work, I’m always on top of it, making sure the work I’m doing is quality and on time.

What is your favorite quote/saying(s)

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”

-W. Somerset Maugham

What do you think can be improved at Kettering and what steps will you take to accomplish this improvement?

One thing that I think Kettering could improve upon is its involvement in the Flint community. I believe Kettering could help tremendously in the Flint community and help students feel a part of it. This could be done by holding more community service project that involve cleaning and maintenance of different areas of Flint.

What has been your biggest success and failure? What have you learned from them?

My biggest failure to date is not making Section Leader in the drum line my junior year. I really thought I had a chance in the beginning so I didn’t keep up on practice and ended up not getting it. This taught me that hard work is important and to not settle for good enough. The next year after working very hard I did get to be Section leader.

One of my biggest successes in life is graduating high school with Cum Laude honors. My first couple years of high school I did not take my grades very seriously, so in my junior and senior year when I realized their importance, I worked extremely hard to get them up.

What is your motivation for wanting to represent student body via student Senate?

My motivation to represent the student body is from my own experiences. I have had such a good time here and have felt so welcomed, I want to make sure every student has a chance to feel how I do about Kettering.