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The purpose of the Committee on Advancement and Alumni Affairs is to assure the University has effective development and alumni relations, and marketing and communications programs in place so as to maximize the philanthropic support for the University and its proper recognition throughout the world, as well as to assist the Board in overseeing all efforts related to advancing the University and with regard to public relations, community building and causes.


Review of Charter  

This charter shall be reviewed and reassessed by the Committee on Advancement and Alumni Affairs at least annually, and any proposed changes shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.


The University Committee on Advancement and Alumni Affairs shall be composed of not less than five Trustees. At least one faculty member, and at least one student serve as representatives to the Committee without the power to vote. The Vice President for University Advancement and External Relations shall serve, ex officio, as a non-voting member of the Committee, and the President may appoint other non-voting members as required to properly exercise the duties of the Committee.

Members should have experience in development and/or marketing endeavors and be able to be leadership donors and open doors for external support of the Institute.  A quorum of any meeting of the Committee on Advancement and Alumni Affairs shall consist of a majority of its voting members.

Staff Designee

The Vice President for University Advancement and External Relations and the Vice President for Marketing, Communications and Enrollment, and/or their designee(s), shall be staff to the Committee.


Meetings shall be held in conjunction with regularly scheduled meetings of the Board, or as deemed necessary by the Chair of the Committee.

Agenda, Minutes and Reports

The Chair of the Committee, in collaboration with the staff designee, shall be responsible for establishing the agendas for meetings of the Committee. An agenda, together with relevant materials, shall be sent to the Committee members in advance of each meeting. Minutes for all meetings shall be prepared in draft form by the staff designee and reviewed by the Chair, and shall be approved by the Committee members at the following meeting. The minutes shall be distributed periodically to the full Board of Trustees. The Committee shall make regular reports to the Board of Trustees.

Authority and Responsibilities

The Committee’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Develop an understanding of the various components of the University’s fund-raising program including Annual Giving, Capital Giving, Planned Giving, Major Giving, Anniversary Giving, and Foundation and Corporate support;
  • Assure that the University has a clear set of fund-raising objectives, goals and priorities;
  • Develop with the Advancement staff an overall development program of both an annual and a capital nature and assure that programs are in place to effectively conduct such programs and to reach goals established for each;
  • Educate individual members of the Board as to their responsibilities both as volunteers and as donors to the University’s fund-raising programs;
  • Assure that the University has a marketing/communications program consistent with clearly defined objectives to enhance the reputation and recognition of the University;
  • Recommend to the Board for its approval policies and guidelines for accepting philanthropic gifts;
  • Assure that the cultivation, stewardship and recognition of donors is appropriate for the University;
  • Assist the President and Senior Advancement staff in the solicitation of select individuals and entities;
  • Facilitate entrée to corporate or foundation sources where members have personal or professional access;
  • Endorse and recommend to the Board of Trustees for their the approval the undertaking of capital campaigns; insure adequate resources are available to ensure campaign success; monitor campaign progress; and oversee the volunteer structure for all campaigns;
  • Recruit and define additional volunteer roles as necessary to achieve the purposes of the committee;
  • Maintain liaison with the Committee on Investments to ensure that the committee establishes appropriate investment objectives and processes;
  • Maintain liaison with the Committee on Administration and Finance to ensure that the objectives of each are consistent; and,
  • Conduct an annual self-evaluation of the performance of the Committee, and the effectiveness and compliance with this charter.

Committee Charter PDF Download Committee on Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs Charter Download