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The purpose of the Academic Affairs Subcommittee on Student Life is to provide policy guidance to promote a safe and intellectually stimulating learning environment that encourages academic success, personal development, and student satisfaction.


Review of Charter  

This charter shall be reviewed and reassessed by the Academic Affairs Committee at least annually, and any proposed changes shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.


The Academic Affairs Subcommittee on Student Life shall be composed of not less than three Trustees.  At least two students shall serve as representatives to the Committee without the power to vote. The Vice President for Student Life shall serve, ex officio, as a non-voting member of the Committee, and the President may appoint other non-voting members as required to properly exercise the duties of the Committee.

A quorum of any meeting of the Academic Affairs Committee shall consist of a majority of its voting members.

Staff Designee

The Vice President for Student Life and/or his/her designee(s), shall be staff to the Subcommittee. 


Meetings shall be held in conjunction with regularly scheduled meetings of the Board, or as deemed necessary by the Chair of the Subcommittee.

Agenda, Minutes and Reports

The Chair of the Subcommittee, in collaboration with the Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee and the staff designee, shall be responsible for establishing the agendas for meetings of the Subcommittee. An agenda, together with relevant materials, shall be sent to the subcommittee members in advance of each meeting. Minutes for all meetings shall be prepared in draft form by the staff designee and reviewed by the Chair, and shall be approved by the subcommittee members at the following meeting. The minutes shall be distributed periodically to the full Board of Trustees through the Academic Affairs Committee. The Subcommittee shall make regular reports to the Academic Affairs Committee.

Authority and Responsibilities

The Subcommittee shall have primary responsibility on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Academic Affairs Committee for bringing student viewpoints and needs to the attention of the Board and Officers of the University. The Subcommittee’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Representing students' interests in all policy decisions made by the Board;
  • Reviewing financial resources supporting comprehensive student development programs;
  • Reviewing Board policies with students' changing needs, particularly as the University enrolls a more diverse student body;
  • Reviewing Board policies to ensure adequate financial resources in support of a safe and secure campus environment;
  • Promoting the campus as a community; and
  • Conducting an annual self-evaluation of the performance of the Subcommittee, and effectiveness and compliance with this charter.

The foregoing is a full, true and correct copy of the Charter passed and adopted by the Board of Trustees of Kettering University at a meeting thereof held on the 7th day of December 2012.  

Committee Charter PDF DownloadAcademic Affairs Subcommittee on Student Life Charter Download