Family Day!

Don't forget that Family Day is Saturday, August 9!More information. ... Read More

Service Saturday

Service Saturday will be August 16 from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and sign in will begin at 8:30 a.m.Please meet in the Great Court. We will be working along the University Ave. Corridor, Mott Park Golf ... Read More

Week 4 Innovation Quest Winners

Winners of the Innovation Quest: Week 4 Hanglider Challenge were Li Dang and Mahesh Kabra. Their Glider flew the longest distance to win the $100 prize money and their ticket to the Innovation ... Read More

You are invited to Ford Day!

On 6th Friday, August 22, we will be celebrating Ford’s recent and remarkable support for our students and faculty across our campus.You are cordially invited to attend and participate in all of ... Read More

Kettering hosts Flint athletic community

In 2012, Kettering University adopted ‘Community Vitality’ as one of its key strategic pillars. Since that time, Kettering students, faculty, staff alumni and many other stakeholders have engaged ... Read More

Nominate Kettering University Staff Members for a job well done!

The 2014 True Kettering Staff Award Selection Committee will be accepting nominations soon. We encourage you to start thinking about the outstanding staff members of our campus community so that you ... Read More

Innovation Quest Week 3 Winners Summer 2014

Winners of the Summer 2014 Innovation Quest: Week 3 Parachute Challenge are Vignesh Ilango, Rahul Naidu and Karina Gomez. Their parachute stayed afloat for more than 11 seconds to win $100.Would you ... Read More

SAC Bulldog Insights: Mike Riggs '76

By Donna Wicks
Join the Student Alumni Council as we host alumnus Mike Riggs '76 for our second Bulldog Insights Alumni Speaker Series event.Mike is the Chairman and Majority Owner at Jack Cooper Holdings LLC. ... Read More

Chance to Win $10,000

By Donna Wicks
Kettering faces a communication crisis! It seems that most announcements from anyone(faculty, staff or student organizations)are not being heard, seen or are just being ignored. What’s the ... Read More

Diane Peters elevated to Senior Member of IEEE

Dr. Diane Peters, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has recently been elected as a Senior Member of IEEE, a level of professional recognition awarded to less than 7% of IEEE members. If ... Read More