Technology Award FAQ

What is the Technology Award?

The Kettering University Technology Award is an honorary award sponsored by a Kettering/GMI alumnus/a, or a friend of Kettering University, in a local high school of their choosing. The recipient is a high school junior who excels in math and sciences and is a potential candidate as a Kettering student.

What is the purpose of the Technology Award?

  • to engage interested alumni and friends in a meaningful way to help promote Kettering
  • to increase name recognition of Kettering University in high schools around the state and country
  • to identify qualified high school juniors who are potential students at Kettering
  • to promote a local community connection between Kettering and the high school by asking the sponsor to act as an ambassador for the University.

How much does it cost to participate?

Each sponsored Technology Award costs $50 to cover the price of the award folder, medal, and materials.

What does the sponsor have to do?

The sponsor is asked to meet with the principal, or their designee, to explain the program and share the materials received from Kettering. Ideally this is a personal visit, though a phone conversation is acceptable. You are asked to follow-up with the school if the recipient’s name is not received by the deadline. Kettering will send the personalize portfolio and medal to you to be delivered to the school. If the school invites you, present the award at the underclassman award ceremony.

How do I know if my preferred high school already has a sponsor?

Please contact Katie Zahrt or Laura DiFilippo to ask if your preferred school has a sponsor.

What does the sponsor receive?

In January they receive detailed instructions and the information packet to be presented to the high school. (If one signs up during January through April, the information is sent immediately.)  In late April or May they receive the personalized award portfolio and medal to be delivered to the high school.

What does the school have to do?

The school personnel have to select a qualified junior based on the selection criteria, communicate that information to Kettering and the sponsor, and award the portfolio at the appropriate ceremony.

What does the school receive?

The school receives an information packet about Kettering, including a timeline of the school’s responsibility for the award program. They also receive the award portfolio and medal from the sponsor to give to the student recipient.

What does the student recipient have to do?

The student need only accept the award. Hopefully they will consider applying to attend Kettering University but that is not a requirement.

What does the student recipient receive?

The student recipient receives a leather-like Kettering University portfolio, Technology Award medal, award certificate, congratulatory letter from Kettering University’s President, information about Kettering University and how to apply for admission. Their name is also given to the Admissions department for recruitment purposes.

Who selects the student recipient?

The high school personnel select the recipient and send the name to the sponsor.

What are the criteria for selection of the student recipient?

  • Must be a current high school junior.
  • Must demonstrate an interest in engineering, mathematics, technology or the sciences.
  • Must have a minimum 3.2 grade point average within a college preparatory curriculum.

How does one sign-up?

Choose a high school to sponsor, complete the sign-up form, and return with the $50 per award to Katie Zahrt or Laura DiFilippo at Kettering University. 

When is the deadline to sign-up?

March 15 is the deadline to be part of the current school year. You can sign-up at any time during the year and you will be part of the next school year.

Where can I get more information?

Contact Katie Zahrt, assistant director of Alumni Engagement at 810-762-9519 or Laura DiFilippo, sr. secretary of Alumni Engagement at 810-762-9883.