Diploma Display

The Kettering/GMI Alumni Association is pleased and proud to make this unique and beautiful diploma display available to all graduates.  Help continue the Kettering/GMI heritage by displaying your diploma with campus landmarks in your home or your office.

Diploma Display

Proceeds from sales support the Kettering/GMI Alumni Association. 

Order yours now.


The beautiful watercolor montage displays three distinct eras:  the Academic building built in 1926, the Bell Tower built in 1969 and the statue of General Determination built in 1990. 

You can choose the name on the display:  General Motors Institute, GMI Engineering & Management Institute, GMI Engineering & Management Institute now Kettering University, or Kettering University.

$89.95 for metal or $119.95 for wood.  Price includes shipping.

Allow six to eight weeks for delivery.

International shipping is $12 extra.

The elegant 16" by 22" frame is available in metal or wood and includes a double mat in blue and gold.

For more information, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement by phone at (810) 762-9883 or by email at alumni@kettering.edu.