Student Life

Student Life


New Student Orientation


Our Orientation program is designed to provide new students with information and social opportunities to assist in a smooth transition to Kettering University.

The mandatory program is called COMPASS, Campus Orientation Meetings to Prepare for Academic and Social Success, and takes place on campus during the four days before the first day of class in each section.  (Students starting in January and April attend orientation the Friday before classes begin.) 

COMPASS is planned by upperclass students who have already experienced the "first day of class" and can provide valuable input on "what new students need to know" to be successful at Kettering. 

Winter A-Section Orientation Schedule
January 6, 2011

Move in to Thompson Hall for New Students Only
January 5, 2011 6pm - 10pm OR
January 6, 2011 8am - 10am

For more information contact:

Deborah Stewart
Director of Student Life Programs
3-120 Campus Center
1.800.955.4464 ext. 9679

Math Placement Examination

The Mathematics Placement Examination is for new freshmen and new transfer students entering Kettering University. University policy states that all entering students who have not received transfer credit or Advance Placement credit for the first calculus course, MATH-101, are required to take the MP Exam. Kettering offers this Exam on-line for students to take before the start of their 1st term. Visit the Math Placement Examination page for exam instructions.

Honors Calculus II is available to those students who qualify.