What is Math-099 Calculus Preparation Essentials? 

MATH-099 is an online, web-based, five week math course offered to students that want to earn the opportunity to be enrolled into MATH-101X rather than MATH-100.  The Five week course offers an intensive refresher on many aspects of pre-calculus mathematics.  The Kettering University instructor will help the student to link these pre-calculus concepts to their application in Calculus.

The course mixes video lectures with on-line problem sets, and Includes live conferencing with a Kettering professor as needed.  Students will use their Kettering user account to access Blackboard.


For A-section students, the five week class will run from Monday June 2, 2014 ending July 7, 2014.  For B-section students, the class will start August 18, 2014 ending September 22, 2014.

What does it cost? 

The only cost to the student is the $75 on-line textbook, purchased on the WebAssign site after the class starts. 

Is this a “for credit” class? 

No, the course is only 5 weeks in duration.  It is offered as a zero-credit course, solely for the purpose of getting a student ready for Calculus.

Is it graded? 

The student’s grade for the course will be Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.  Students passing the course with a Satisfactory will be enrolled into MATH-101X Calculus I, for their first term at Kettering.  All other students will be enrolled into MATH-100 – College Mathematics.

Can you withdraw after starting?

Students who enroll in MATH-099 and then decide not to take the course may withdraw with no penalty.  Inform the instructor of the course of this decision in writing (by email).  Your registration in MATH-099 will be removed and this course will not appear on your Kettering course records.  You will automatically be enrolled into MATH-100 – College Mathematics for you first term at Kettering.

How do I register? 

Simply contact your Kettering admissions counselor, or email tcreech@kettering.edu.

Other Questions? Questions and more information contact:   

Thomas Creech 
Office: 5-105 CC
Phone: 810-762-9616; or text/248-310-4266
Email: tcreech@kettering.edu