Honors Calculus II

If you have earned AP (Advanced Placement) credit for Calculus or HL IB (Higher Level International Baccalaureate) credit or you are dually enrolled and are taking a university level calculus course, you may be eligible to register for Honors Calculus II.

After reading the information below and if you want to be considered as a candidate for Honors Calculus II, send your request including your name and Kettering student number either by e-mail to ccochran@kettering.edu or by postal mail to:

Cheryl Cochran
Department of Mathematics
1700 University Ave.
Flint, MI 48504

Deadline for all requests:

A-Section - 5 p.m. EDT, Monday, one week before the term begins.
B-Section – 5 p.m. EDT, Monday, one week before the term begins.

Questions? Please contact Dr. Leszek Gawarecki, Department Head of Mathematics at lgawarec@kettering.edu.

Information about Calculus II Honors (Math-102H) 

Honors Calculus II at Kettering University provides in-depth instruction and academic challenge to highly qualified and motivated students regardless of their choice of major. While traditional calculus courses spend much time on practicing routine computations, the honors course focuses on conceptual learning. The students will be engaged in discussions and will make their own discoveries. Additional benefits include “discussion room”, mini lectures and movies on mathematics and science. We introduce rigorous definition of a limit, develop the Riemann integral, prove the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and finish with infinite series. Each topic is richly demonstrated on principal examples from science including applications to physics, medicine, biology, engineering, and economics.

Are there more Honors courses at Kettering University? 

After completing Honors Calculus II you will have an option to continue with Honors Calculus III and Honors Differential Equations.

Invitations to Honors Calculus II

Students whose admission files strongly indicate that they are well suited to especially challenging mathematics courses and who have expressed an interest will be invited to enroll in Honors Calculus II.  

For new students the main criterion for admission is their grade on the AP, HL IB, or university level Calculus exam. Students do not have to wait for their grades to apply. We will obtain and process those grades the first week of July and make our final determination at that time.  

Students who have taken Calculus I at Kettering University will be admitted by instructor’s recommendation.  Other criteria can be used in extraordinary circumstances, including SAT, ACT, or GPA. 

What if we have invited you to Honors Calculus II! 

Congratulations! Accepting our invitation means joining an elite community of exceptional students working with dedicated faculty to assist you in growing your talents. You will have access to the unparalleled resources of a world-class teaching and research university in the environment of a small private school.  

How to Accept Your Invitation 

Simply reply to the invitation e-mail message that will be sent to you or send us your acceptance to ccochran@kettering.edu, including your name and your Kettering student number. We will identify you as an Honors Calculus II student and we will register you for MATH-102H.