Transcript Evaluation

Evaluated Transfer Credit Courses

Kettering University's Online Course Equivalency System can help you determine how classes from your college or university will transfer. You should request an official copy of all college transcripts and academic catalogs be sent to the Admissions Office.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Within four weeks of receiving your admissions letter, you will receive a letter from the Registrar's Office regarding your transfer credit evaluation. Courses "In Progress", that include a grade, will be evaluated if listed on the transcript. If your current coursework is not listed on the transcript, please include a list of those courses also. Be sure to include course ID numbers. A final official copy of your transcript, with final term grades of the in progress courses must be mailed directly to Kettering University.

Within four weeks of your final transcript being received, you will receive an updated transfer credit evaluation.      

Students who have questions about how classes transfer before applying to Kettering University are encouraged to consult Kettering University's online Course Equivalency System system.

Final Recognition of Transfer Credit

Final recognition and posting of transfer courses on the transfer student's academic record will follow receipt of an "official" transcript of coursework sent from the previous institution(s), the applicant's admission to the University, and signing of the transfer credit equivalency at the student orientation program. Transfer credit evaluations completed prior to review of a final, official transcript with grades of "C" or better are tentative and are to be used for advising purposes only.

Final official transcripts should be sent to:

Office of Admissions
Kettering University
1700 University Avenue
Flint, MI 48504-4898

To check on the status of your transcripts, contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-955-4464, extension 7865. Typically it takes up to four weeks from the time you request the final transcript be sent until the time it is received at Kettering University. Please request your transcript be sent as soon as possible after the end of your final term at your current college.