Kettering University welcomes many new undergraduate students each year through the transfer process. Although there are many reasons students wish to transfer, one thing is consistent - they all wish to obtain an outstanding education.

Kettering University is an ABET accredited five-year cooperative education university. Students alternate between three months of work and three months of school and are required to complete a thesis. Upon graduation, students have a Bachelor of Science Degree with up to two-and-a-half years work experience in their field of study. There are over 700 companies throughout the United States and Canada that work with our students. Admission requirements include an overall 3.0 GPA and a recalculated GPA of 3.0 in math, science and English courses.


Areas of Concentration
Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics, Applied Math, Chemistry, Computer Science, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Engineering Physics and Management.

Following are the guidelines and policies related to the transfer of courses/credits to Kettering University: 
Only those credits earned at institutions accredited by one of the regional accrediting agencies will be considered for transfer. Regional accreditation does not automatically result in transferability of course work. The various departments of the University determine individual course equivalency and transferability. When the coursework has been completed at an institution outside the United States, the institution must be an officially recognized tertiary institution.

Final recognition and posting of transfer courses on the transfer student's academic record will follow receipt of an "official" transcript of coursework with grades equal to a "C" or better sent from the previous institution(s) and the applicant's admission to the University. In addition, students must sign their transfer credit evaluation at Student Orientation Weekend to accept the credits that are transferable. Transfer credit evaluations completed on the students behalf prior to review of a final, official transcript are tentative and are to be used for advising purposes only.

Students may transfer a maximum of 72 credit hours required for the bachelor's degree. Because institutions may change course descriptions, numbers or other designators without notice to Kettering University, the information in this data file reflects the most recent information available to Kettering University. Prospective transfer students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor routinely throughout transfer preparation.