Fuel cell car


Get Energized!!

  • Session 1: July 22-26, 2013 (must have completed 8th grade by June 2013)

  • Session 2: July 29-August 2, 2013 (must have completed 10th grade by June 2013)

The program will provide hands-on educational experiences including exhibits, laboratory, and classroom activities for pre-college students, preparing them for advanced 21st century energy technologies, as well as a fun-day field trip. You must complete and mail your application, essay, a copy of your recent report card, and two letters of recommentation. Program fee of $150. Apply now!  


 Students at camp


Students will have fun exploring:

  • How biogas is produced and utilized.
  • How nuclear power is produced.
  • How fuel cells work.
  • How fuel cells can be used to power homes, cars and buses.
  • How to build a fuel cell car and wind turbine from a kit.
  • How solar, hydro and wind power can be used.

Classes to Include:

  • “The Importance of Sustainable Energy”
  • “Biogas Generation and Utilization”
  • “Nuclear Energy”
  • “Biofuels”
  • “Geo-Hydro Energy”
  • “Energy Conservation”
  • “Fuel Cells/Hydrogen Safety”
  • “How to Build a Fuel Cell Car”
  • “Solar and Wind Energy”
  • “Stirling Engines”
  • “Lithium-Ion Batteries”

Contact: Virgina Hill, Coordinator - (810) 762-9873

Sponsored in part by the DTE Energy Foundation and the National Science Foundation (NSF)