As a major in Chemistry at Kettering, your mind will be challenged and your hands will be busy—right away. That’s because you’ll be involved in our career-building co-op education program during your first year. At your co-op, you might:

  • Students In A Chemistry Labjoin a team involved in fine-tuning synthetic polymers, such as Teflon or Kevlar, making new applications possible;
  • help to develop new nanomaterialsthat could revolutionize an important industry; or
  • work on developing new sources of bioabsorptive materials that could serve to protect the environment.
  • It’s like getting paid to become an expert.

The Chemistry program also offers

  • hands-on experience in six advanced laboratories: Bell Laboratories I and II, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, a Physical Chemistry Laboratory and Miller Labs I and II;
  • early and continuous professional experience through our co-op education program, which offers so much more than a typical internship or part time job; and
  • opportunities to work side-by-side with faculty who are researching intriguing topics, such as ways to synthesize novel polymeric materials or how the anticancer properties of green tea work.

You’ll complete your study with a senior thesis that showcases your mastery of theory and application—yet another factor that impresses employers.

You may also minor in Biochemistry, Chemistry or pursue a specialty in Pre-Med—a choice that will enhance your marketability in the real world.

See the program brochure.

Chemistry/Biochemistry main office - Julie Simmons, 810-762-7912;; Room: 3-101 Mott Center

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