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Faculty and Staff

Physics Faculty/Staff


Kathryn Svinarich

Department Head, Associate Professor of Physics Physics 1700 University Ave
2-323J AB
810762 x7471 7471

Cheryl Cochran

Math, Physics 2-100 AB (Math)
2-323 AB (Physics)
810.762.7914 (Math) 810.762.7824 (Physics)

Robert Cunningham

Physics 1700 University Ave
2-615 AB

Gregory Hassold

Professor of Physics Physics 1700 University Ave
2-323 G AB

Ceramics/refractories, Computer simulation/modeling, Condensed matter, Fatigue/fracture, Mechanical properties, materials, Physics, solid state and theoretical

Warren Hein

Adjunct Faculty Physics

Ronald Kumon

Assistant Professor of Physics Physics 2-323 J 810.762.7908

Ultrasound-mediated drug delivery (sonoporation), Therapeutic High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), Ultrasound imaging and tissue characterization for cancer diagnosis, Acoustical non-destructive evaluation and materials characterization, Nonlinear surface acoustic waves (SAWs) in crystalline and thin-film systems

Daniel Ludwigsen

Associate Professor of Physics Physics 1700 University Ave
2-323 L AB

Acoustics of musical instruments, Hearing, psychoacoustics and localization Acoustic measurements, transducers, and metrics, Helmholtz resonators, Structural and architectural acoustics

Robert McMahan

President of the University, Professor of Physics Office of the President, Physics 1700 University Avenue
Office of the President

Astrophysics, Computational modeling and observational work in Cosmology and Extragalactic Astronomy, Large-scale structure of the universe, Peculiar velocity distribution of deep clusters, advanced astronomical instrumentation.

Corneliu Rablau

Associate Professor of Physics Physics 1700 University Ave
2-323 P AB

Characterization of Optoelectronic Materials through Photoluminescence and Absorption Spectroscopy, Nano-materials and nano-photonics , Optical Techniques for Measurement and Characterization - Optical Metrology, Photonic/Fiber Optics Materials and Devices