Department of Physics Mission:

The Department of Physics at Kettering University pursues a three part mission:

  • We provide undergraduate degrees in Applied Physics and Engineering Physics with a thorough co-op and experiential learning component.
  • Our courses and research opportunities emphasize specialties in acoustics, optics, and materials.
  • Through our introductory courses and technologically relevant physics electives, we support the breadth of university programs.

The Physics Department
is a community of faculty, students, and industrial sponsors striving for excellence in physics education supporting two unique work integrated Physics co-op degree programs, the science education needs of the university, and a knowledge based economy.

As the nation’s only fully co-op undergraduate physics program, Kettering’s Applied Physics major prepares students for amazing careers with

  • early and continuous professional experience through our co-op education program, which offers so much more than a typical internship or part-time job;
  • more than two years of hands-on work experience solving real problems at places like NASA, Harley Davidson and Argonne National Laboratory;
  • experience working in our exceptional, advanced laboratories—using equipment you wouldn’t be allowed to touch in most undergraduate programs; and
  • small classes in modern classrooms, with faculty who know how to take on complex problems and come up with doable, effective, and sometimes surprising solutions.