Facilities & Equipment

The main area houses the deceleration sled. The sled, built by Global Test and Engineering Services (formerly VIA), runs on pneumatic power. The system can carry a 2000 pound payload to a speed up to 42 miles per hour. The impactor is hydraulic and is easily tuned to generate various deceleration pulses. Everything needed for frontal, side or rear impact occupant protection testing is available including high speed digital video, anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs), data acquisition, and airbag deployment capabilities.

The second area is the component test area. This area houses a linear impactor as well as other component testing equipment. The linear impactor allows for the testing of steering columns, instrument panels, and vehicle interior structure.

The third area is a dedicated computer and community classroom. The room seats 40 students and is outfitted with state-of-the-art computational equipment so students can perform virtual crash testing and complete testing data analysis. The classroom is also a gathering place for community seminars and K through 12 programs dedicated to vehicle occupant protection and safety.

Kettering's Crash Safety Center equipment includes:

  • Pneumatic, hydraulic, full-scale deceleration sled
  • Calibrated instrumentation including frontal (i.e. CRABI12, HIII 3YO, 6YO, 10YO) and side impact (i.e. Q3s, SID IIs) ATDs.  Adult ATDs also on-site.
  • High-speed video filming and analysis
  • Deployment capabilities
  • 64+ channel data acquisition


  • Deceleration sled with a vetted, proposed FMVSS213a side impact test fixture 
  • Years of design, research, test, and analysis with the proposed FMVSS213a side impact fixture, test protocol, and ATDs 
  • Q3s and CRABI 12 availability

Pediatric Side Impact Competencies

  • Encompassing research projects
  • Side impact testing including the proposed FMVSS213a fixture, 90º near-side impact fixture, and full scale vehicle component fixtures.
  • Education and Training including test set-up, protocol, and enumeration of the Q3s conducted at Kettering University or at industry sites.
  • Expert Consulting



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