Established in 2006, the Kettering University Crash Safety Center has conducted research, testing, and field data mining involving adult and pediatric vehicle occupants in frontal, side, rear, and rollover crash modalities. The expertise of the Kettering Research Team has been sought for research, education, and training throughout the mobility industry. We are a non-profit laboratory operation at Kettering University.

Kettering University Crash Safety Center supports three key endeavors:

  • Educating undergraduate, graduate, and practicing engineers

  • Research, consulting , and testing for industry

  • Awareness and education for the community

The Center is housed in the Mott Science and Engineering Center on the Kettering University campus in Flint, Michigan.

Notable Research

  • “Development of a Side Impact Test Procedure for Child Restraint Systems Using a Deceleration Sled”,  DOT NHTSA Contract DTNH22-11-C-00204
  • "Rear Seat, Small Occupant, Side Impact”, Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center
  • “Dorel-Kettering Side Impact Test Procedure Research for CRS”, Dorel Juvenile Group

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One of the main endeavors of Kettering's Crash Safety Center is to provide education. KSC offers an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students as well as practicing engineers to perform real crash safety tests and gather critical data. Read more about the Kettering's Crash Safety Center education.