What's Mechanical Engineering All About?

Mechanical Engineering is the broadest and most diverse of the engineering disciplines. Since the days of the Industrial Revolution, the Mechanical branch has been at the center of the engineering profession . . . and its important role shows no signs of diminishing.

Mechanical Engineering professionals are experts in the creation of machines and mechanical systems of all types, and in the transmission, conversion, and utilization of energy. They apply their knowledge and skills to such diverse fields as environmental control, manufacturing facilities and equipment, transportation systems, space exploration, and the development and production of a vast number of consumer products. Regardless of the application field, Mechanical Engineers are engaged in all of the engineering functions, including design, applied research and development, and the many phases of manufacturing planning and administration.

Career Opportunities:

Mechanical Engineers experience interesting and active career opportunities. . . their application fields and job functions may change from time to time and they may assume managerial responsibilities as they gain maturity and experience. Many Mechanical Engineers also discover that their analytical background and creative problem solving abilities are the keys to success in other fields and this provides them with a valuable degree of mobility.

Mechanical Engineering in the Future:

As society continues to match finite resources with expanding needs, the challenges faced by Mechanical Engineers will grow. The answers to the challenges will require more effective material utilization, increased manufacturing productivity, and new and more efficient energy conversion and transmission schemes. Mechanical Engineers have the knowledge, the problem solving skills, and the imagination needed to do the job. . . .

Students in the Mechanical Engineering Program at Kettering are ready for these challenges.

The Alternative Energy Specialty at Kettering University provides students with a unique hands-on experience in energy education. This specialty will make a major contribution in energy education and is in line with the desire to become nationally energy-independent and to create new jobs in Michigan.

Outside of the classroom there are many options for reinforcing the problem solving skills covered in the classroom. Kettering's SAE competition teams for Formula, Clean Snowmobile, Aero, and Mini-Baja give students a chance to really develop their problem solving skills with hands on problems with real life constraints. For those interested in keeping it Green, or being involved in the Global Community, Kettering's Formula Zero team as well as Engineers Without Borders, help our students be involved in alternative energy and creative problem solving.