Applied Mathematics

In Applied Mathematics, Kettering students flex their math muscles to solve current and crucial problems such as:

Not A Bean Counter
  • How can we deliver larger data sets reliably through a communications network?
  • How can we mathematically model the spread of disease in the wake of a bio-terrorist incident?
  • How can we design a series of studies to determine if a drug is safe—avoiding recent problems publicized in the news?

You’ll start to size up and break down complex problems in small classes taught by award-winning faculty members. Classroom study is backed by our top-notch cooperative education program—which puts students to work during their first year on real projects at places like Tillinghast-Towers Perrin, General Motors Acceptance Corp.., and Blue Cross Blue Shield. It’s like getting paid to become an expert.

Four concentrations are available:

You may also minor in Applied and Computational Mathematics or Statistics—a choice that will enhance your marketability in the real world.

Honors Calculus II is available to those students who qualify.