Math Courses Designed for Incoming Students

The Mathematics departments is focused on ensuring every Kettering student is successful and engaged from start to finish.  Whether you are a student who may need an algebra refresher or a student earning AP or IB credit, the department offers something for you.

MATH-099 Overview

What is Math-099 Calculus Preparation Essentials (offered in the summer)?  

MATH-099 is an online, web-based, five week math course offered to students that want to earn the opportunity to be enrolled into MATH-101X rather than MATH-100. The Five week course offers an intensive refresher on many aspects of pre-calculus mathematics. The Kettering University instructor will help the student to link these pre-calculus concepts to their application in Calculus. More information.

Honors Calculus II

Are you earning an AP (Advanced Placement) credit for Calculus or HL IB (Higher Level International Baccalaureate) credit, or you are dually enrolled and are taking a university level calculus course? We would like to inform you about Honors Calculus.