Dual IE/ME Degree

This program is a joint effort between the IME Department and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It allows students to complete the requirements for both majors in a minimum amount of time beyond the basic B.S. in IE.

A coordinated program is available to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 193 credits (189 credits of course work and 4 thesis credits). A student can complete the program in 10 or 11 academic terms at Kettering University. During the first three terms, a student can follow the representative program for either degree. The following representative program is intended as a guide to assist the student in planning for the remaining terms. An eligible student may be able to avoid a SR-V term by one of the following three methods: 1) take 5 courses per term for one term prior to JR-1, 2) take 6 courses per term for one term after SO-II, or 3) take Kettering or guest courses during a work term. It is the student's responsibility to determine that all requirements are satisfied for both programs. The student must be advised by both programs each term.


Refer to the Kettering University Course Catalog or contact the IME Department for further information about the program.