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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering


KetteringUniversity's IE program is the best in the country! Our IE program has been rated #1 among non-Ph.D. granting universities by U.S. News and World Report for many years.

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Industrial Engineers (IEs) find creative solutions to problems that truly matter …

    • Change emergency rooms and clinics to help people faster and more reliably
    • Make boring waits shorter and even a little fun
    • Create safer, more comfortable, and more productive workplaces

IEs at a major package delivery company determined that by routing delivery vehicles so that they make only right turns saves the company $6 million on fuel annually

Learn more …

    • Our faculty are experts in their fields
      • Focus on teaching undergraduates
    • Learn both live and online
    • Senior thesis brings together theory and practice

Experience more …

    • Come and visit just to see our labs!
      • Robotics
      • Work Design
      • Human Factors
      • Controls
      • Materials
    • Co-op program provides professional employment experience for a fast start to your career
    • Study abroad
      • Top German technical university
      • 3 months in a beautiful medieval town

Achieve more …

    • Look at our alumni:
      • Recent graduate working as an internal consultant for a Fortune 500 metal processor
      • Graduate of 40 years ago who now purchases, rehabilitates, and then sells companies for a private capital group

Our IEs are successful!