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MBA Mission, Program Outcomes, Educational Objectives

MBA Mission

The Master of Business Administration provides an integrated set of learning opportunities for students interested in mastering the skills and knowledge necessary for effectively participating in and managing modern organizations.

Program Educational Objectives

The Master of Business Administration program has three overall educational objectives:

  1. Graduating students will have an integrated knowledge of and demonstrated ability to perform as management professionals. Further, they will be prepared for continued learning throughout their career;
  2. Students will have the positive perspectives and skills that create productive managerial leaders; and
  3. The graduate program faculty will demonstrate an excellence in teaching, as well as evidence of meaningful professional and scholarly activities.

Program Intended Outcomes

The Master of Business Administration program intended outcomes align with the educational objectives listed above. These outcomes are:

  1. Students graduating from the MBA program are academically prepared for a managerial career
  2. Students graduating from the MBA program compare favorably when evaluated on a nationally-scaled examination
  3. Alumni are successful in their internal organizational endeavors or in other advanced studies
  4. Students graduating from the MBA program have the necessary attitudes and skills to become more productive employees, and to continue learning
  5. Students graduating from the MBA program can communicate effectively
  6. Graduates of the MBA program become managerial leaders in a variety of organizations
  7. The MBA program faculty demonstrate teaching effectiveness
  8. The MBA program faculty use appropriate pedagogical techniques in the classroom
  9. The MBA program faculty actively participate in a wide range of professional and scholarly activities