Program Prerequisites

Students entering the MBA, MSEM, or MSOM programs must have completed courses in specified business areas. Students without this background will either be required to complete some or all of the following courses or demonstrate equivalent knowledge by passing an exam.  These prerequisite courses are listed below.  The admission committee will review your official transcripts when evaluating your admission application to determine whether you need to complete these courses or attempt to pass the proficiency exam.

Prerequisite coursework

ACCT-518 Accounting/Financial Concepts
ECON-513 Micro/Macro Economic Concepts and Applications
MGMT-521 Statistical and Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decisions
MGMT-550 Management Concepts & Applications
MRKT-570 Marketing Concepts & Applications

Students should review course descriptions for prerequisites and select courses carefully to avoid lacking a prerequisite in future terms. The student is responsible for ensuring prerequisite requirements are satisfied and for completing all courses required for each degree area. Students may wish to test out of these prerequisites. Each test is $30.00. Students may attempt each test one time only.