Computer Science


Computer science touches virtually every aspect of human endeavor. Its impact on society is seen in the proliferation of computers, information systems, game systems, web browsers, search engines, and all the wonderful application programs that have been developed to make computers more productive and easier to use. An important aspect of the field deals with how to make programming easier, software more reliable, and the processing and retrieval of information more accessible, but fundamentally, computer science is a science of abstraction—creating the correct models for real-world problems—that can be represented and manipulated inside a computer.

Computer scientists are experts on the subject of computation and information representation, both in terms of the theory of the fundamental capabilities and limitations of computation, as well as how computation can be practically realized and applied. A computer scientist understands how to design and analyze algorithms that apply computation effectively, how to represent, store and retrieve information efficiently, and how to design software systems to solve complex problems.

ABET Accreditation LogoThe program for Computer Science majors is broad and rigorous. Students are required to have a solid foundation in computer software, hardware and theory. Yet, the program is structured in a way that supports in-depth study of areas in and outside the computing field. Technical and free electives give students the opportunity to take advanced courses in areas of computer science such as information retrieval, computer graphics, cryptography, computer and network security, and artificial intelligence. Students can easily obtain minors in diverse fields such as applied mathematics, economics, computer engineering, and literature.

A wide variety of exciting professional and academic opportunities exist for graduates of Computer Science including software engineering, internet systems and technology, security, hardware development, information systems, biotechnology, business management and consulting, as well as masters and doctoral studies in computing related fields. With the aid of a Computer Science faculty advisor, the Computer Science student is expected to put together a coherent program of study that supports career objectives and is true to the aims of a liberal education.

The Computer Science degree program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET (the Accrediation Board for Engineering and Technology).