Computer Science

Graham MacMaster, Kettering studentFinance.  Transportation.  Food production.  Entertainment.  Aerospace.  Even athletics.  The work of computer scientists is essential to virtually every human endeavor.  Organizations from Microsoft and Apple to the U.S. Government are seeking programming whizzes, software gurus, and information architects to create even better, faster, smarter technologies.

Computer scientists understand how computers work, how software works, how to represent and transform information, how to design and analyze algorithms, and how to effectively program solutions to challenging programs.


Sharna Kay, Kettering studentPharmaceuticals.  Genetic engineering.  Disease resistant food crops.  Biofuels.  Medical research.  The application areas are as broad as the knowledge base needed to master them. 

Bioinformaticists apply the principles of biochemistry, biology, chemistry, and computer science in research and government labs, pharmaceutical companies, and agri-businesses.  They search for patterns of similarity, specific amino acid sequences, and ways to exploit the vast amounts of information contained in DNA molecules.