The Pre-Med program at Kettering University:  We make doctors here!

All of our degrees will provide you with the core knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in any field such as analytical thought, research skills, time management, and communication. Upon graduation you will not only have a degree in an in-demand field, but you will also have the necessary coursework to apply to the medical school of choice. That's the Kettering advantage!

PreMed at Kettering isn't just about coursework. Our program helps students find meaningful outreach opportunities that make all the difference when applying to medical schools.

Medicine is increasingly technical

More and more doctors are viewing the human body as a machine with similar structures and parts. Technology also plays an important role in modern medicine. So it makes sense that students with strong technical backgrounds would have a leg up in medical school.

Great faculty interaction

Our program goes beyond coursework. We will help you study for  the MCAT, obtain volunteering and shadowing opportunities and assemble your application portfolio. The individual attention and mentoring you receive will help you get accepted to the best medical schools in the country.

Labs and Equipment

Kettering's state-of-the-art labs includes a surgery simulation suite, a cold room for protein isolation and manipulation, human cadavers and biotechnical equipment for DNA research. In fact, we feel that PreMed at Kettering is one of the best programs in the country!

The Co-op Experience

At Kettering, you can take advantage of the co-op experience. You are given an opportunity to learn both in the classroom and in the real world which translates into an added value when applying to medical school.