Is Premed For You?

What kind of student is suited for Medical School? 

The type of student suited for medical school is one who is attending out of his drive to help others. One that will apply his talents and abilities to working hard to advance medical science. It is not a field to enter just for the money, or you will never make it through medical school. 

What undergrad degree is best to get you in Med School and Why?

Biology and chemistry best prepare one material/coursework-wise, but med schools now-a-days are interested in a broad background and diversity of their students (even students with social science and liberal arts degrees). However, the difference between undergrad biology or chemistry and medical school is the transition from memorization/facts to the application of such knowledge in real situations with greater depth and detail. 

Common mistakes students make when thinking about or preparing for Medical School tests/applications.

The biggest mistake students make when thinking about preparing for Med School tests/applications is not starting to prepare soon enough. Kaplan courses are very helpful. At the very least, students should buy the books and study consistently from them instead of cramming at the last minute. 

What interests/skills should an engineering student thinking about pursuing pre-med possess?

An engineering student, or any student for that matter, should have an incredibly strong internal sense that medicine is what they want to do. Between high school and practicing as a doctor there are many educational steps and commitments. There are lots of things to distract you along the way and someone without an intensive amount of drive will be likely to get sidetracked in their academic pursuit. "Maybe I want to be a doctor," won't work. Once you are finished with medical school, you essentially listen to people complain all day. I would say, out of the students who set out to obtain a medical degree, 1 out of 10 students will make it. This information is not meant to discourage students from pursuing careers in the medical field, it is merely to let students know what they are getting into and that they must be single mindedly focused on their goal.