Biogas Laboratory

The Kettering University North American Advanced Biogas Laboratory focuses on anaerobic digestion and biogas technology.

The NAAB Lab supports three key endeavors: 

- Research, Consulting, and Testing for Industry

- Research to Advance the Anaerobic Digestion Technology

- Student and Community Education


The NAAB Lab is located at the Kettering University Innovation Center and is a partnership with Swedish Biogas International through the Biogas Center of Energy Excellence. 

For more information about the NAAB Lab please see the contact below:

Jennifer Aurandt                                                             

Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry                                                       



The NAAB Lab capabilities are comprehensive and include:

-          Process Design for Municipal, Industrial, and Farm Digesters.

-          Substrate Evaluation

-          Biological Methane Potential testing (BMP)

-          Anaerobic Digestion Process Evaluation through Small Scale Implementation

-          Digestate Evaluation

-          Biogas Analysis

With expertise in co-digestion and optimization of biogas plants, the NAAB lab houses the experience needed to be a resource for the implementation of anaerobic digestion technology.  The laboratory contains automated BMP analysis equipment, reactors for the monitoring of the process of anaerobic digestion, analytical equipment for the monitoring of biogas and digestate characteristics.


Research in the NAAB Lab focuses on substrate implementation in anaerobic digestion, enzyme analysis, and biogas upgrading through membrane technology.  In addition, research opportunities are available to investigate technologies at Swedish Biogas International full scale anaerobic digestion plant, located in Flint, MI.


SBI’s Website: