Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Curriculum Content

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Course #

Course Name

Credit Hours

General Education COMM-101Written and Oral Communication I4
 COMM-301Written and Oral Communication II4
 ECON-201Economic Principles4
 HUMN-201Introduction to the Humanities4
 LS-489R Sem.: Leadership, Ethics and Contemp. Issues4
 SSCI-201Introduction to the Social Sciences4
  Advanced Humanities Elective4
  Advanced Social Science Elective4
Basic SciencesCHEM-137General Chemistry I
 or CHEM-135Principles of Chemistry3
 CHEM-136Principles of Chemistry Lab1
 CHEM-237/238General Chemistry II and Lab4
 CHEM-345/346Organic Chemistry I and Lab6
 CHEM-347Organic Chemistry II4
 CHEM-361/362Physical Chemistry I and Lab6
 PHYS-114/115Newtonian Mechanics and Lab4
 PHYS-224/225Electricity & Magnetism and Lab4
MathematicsMATH-101Calculus I4
 MATH-102Calculus II4
 MATH-203Multivariate Calculus4
 MATH-204Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms4
 MATH-408Probability and Statistics4
Engineering Topics CHME-200Mass and Energy Balance4
 CHME-300/301Unit Operations and Lab4
 CHME-400/401Mass Transfer Operations and Lab4
 CHME-410Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics4
 CHME-420/421Applied Transport Phenomena and Lab4
 CHME-435/436Process Control and Lab4
 CHME-450/451Reactor Design4
 CHME-480Senior Chemical Engineering Design Capstone4
 EE-212Applied Electrical Circuits3
 IME-100Interdisciplinary Design and Manufacturing4
 IME-211Algorithm and Computer Programming4
 MECH-231LSignals for Mechanical Systems Lab1
 MECH-322Fluid Mechanics4
 MECH-420Heat Transfer4
Electives Technical Electives 
 Free Electives8
 ORTN-101Learning, Success, and Teamwork
 Thesis 4

 Total Credits161

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Representative Schedule

SemesterCourse #Course NameClassRecLabCredits

Freshman 1(CHEM-137General Chemistry I   
 or CHEM-135Principles of Chemistry) 3
 CHEM-136Principles of Chemistry Lab0021
 ECON-201Economic Principles4004
 IME-100Interdisciplinary Design and Manufacturing2044
 MATH-101Calculus I4004
 ORTN-101Learning, Success, and Teamwork1001
Freshman 2CHEM-237General Chemistry II3103
 CHEM-238General Chemistry II Lab0031
 COMM-101Written & Oral Communications4004
 MATH-102Calculus II4004
 PHYS-114Newtonian Mechanics3103
 PHYS-115Newtonian Mechanics Lab0021
Sophomore 1CHEM-345Organic Chemistry I4004
 CHEM-346Organic Chemistry I Lab0042
 MATH-203Multivariate Calculus4004
 PHYS-224Electricity & Magnetism3103
 PHYS-225Electricity & Magnetism Lab0021
 SSCI-201Introduction to the Social Science4004
Sophomore 2CHEM-347Organic Chemistry II4004
 MATH-204Differential Equations & Laplace Transforms4004
 EE-212Applied Electrical Circuits3013
 MECH-231LSignals for Mechanical Systems Lab0021
Junior 1CHEM-361Physical Chemistry I4004
 CHEM-362Physical Chemistry I Lab0042
 CHME-200Mass & Energy Balance4004
 MECH-322Fluid Mechanics4004
 IME-211Algorithm and Computer Programming4004
Junior 2CHME-300Unit Operations3103
 CHME-301Unit Operations Lab0021
 HUMN-201Introduction to the Humanities4004
 MECH-420Heat Transfer4004
 COMM-301Written & Oral Communication II4004
Senior 1CHME-400Mass Transfer Operations3103
 CHME-401Mass Transfer Operations Lab0021
 CHME-410Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics4004
 MATH-408Probability and Statistics4004
  Advanced Social Sciences Elective4
  Free Elective  4
Senior 2CHME-450Reactor Design3103
 CHME-451Reactor Design Lab0021
 CHME-420Applied Transport Phenomena3103
 CHME-421Applied Transport Phenomena Lab0021
  Technical Elective  4
  Advanced Humanities Elective4
  Free Elective  4
Senior 3CHME-435Process Control3103
 CHME-436Process Control Lab0021
 CHME-480Sr Chemical Engineering Design Capstone4004
 LS-489Senior Seminar: Leadership, Ethics and 
  Contemp. Issues4004
  Technical Elective  4
  Thesis   4

  Total Credits  161