Get ready to dominate your destiny! At Kettering, Business majors emerge with a serious edge in the professional world. They’ve got a broad knowledge of business practices, plus real-world experience—more than two years of hands-on, in-the-trenches, business experience.

Some of the advantages of Kettering’s Business program include early and continuous professional experience through our experiential learning and co-op education program, which offers so much more than a typical internship or part-time job. Students gain professional co-op experience at major players like:

  • UPS,
  • Yamaha Motor Sports,
  • MTD Products Inc.,
  • Beaumont Hospital, and
  • General Motors;

access to six concentrations:

  • Accounting/Finance, Information Systems,
  • International Study,
  • Marketing,
  • General Business, and
  • Supply Chain Management;

opportunities to study in small classes with great faculty who are experts in things like lean production systems and the impact of globalization on organizations; and short two-week international study trips to places like: Australia, China, London, and more.

What’s different about Kettering’s business program? The choice between a technical business program, an international business program or both!

Kettering University offers both a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). The BBA is ideal for those with strong interest in the international world of business and the BSBA brings business to technically-oriented students. Kettering Business students have many opportunities to see and experience the world.

Non-business students may also minor in Business, Information Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship or International Studies—a choice that will enhance your marketability in the real world.