Grade Appeals 

The course instructor has the authority and obligation to assign appropriate grades in any course. Questions concerning an assigned final grade are to be handled through the grade appeal process. The first level of academic appeal is the professor whose decision is questioned. The first step in this process involves contacting the course instructor in writing.
The process is initiated by completing a Grade Appeal Form. Each student must complete the grade appeal form and attach any pertinent documentation to support his/her claim. Appeals should be initiated as soon as possible but no later than four (4) months after the grade has been posted. The student’s failure to access grades does not provide an exemption from the time limitation. The faculty member should respond within two (2) weeks of the student’s request for grade modification.
Students who are not satisfied with the decision of the professor to whom they appealed, may subsequently appeal to the instructor’s department head within 30 days of the faculty member’s response. The Department Head must respond in writing to the student with a copy to the Instructor within 30 days of receipt of the appeal. The Department Head will serve as a mediator between the student and the instructor but cannot change a grade.
Students may submit a final appeal to the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs for appeal board review under the following conditions:
  • Final course grades may be appealed only if the student can demonstrate that the grading policy applied to his/her grade does not conform with the stated grading policy of the professor. The absence of a grading policy will be considered reasonable grounds for appeal.
  • The only legitimate grounds for second level appeal are arbitrariness, prejudice, or error, as applied to a specific student.
  • Final appeals are restricted to cases in which the department head disagrees with the instructor’s decision.
When a final appeal is initiated, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs will convene an appeal board comprised of the following members: one tenured faculty member from the instructor’s department, chosen by the instructor; one tenured faculty member from the instructor’s department, chosen by the department head; one tenured faculty member from outside the instructor’s department, chosen by the Chair of ADEPT and the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee), who does not vote, but chairs the board and handles all administrative matters. If the Appeal Board chooses to override the faculty member’s grade, they can only do so by changing the grade to a “P” for passing. The Provost’s Office will provide a written overview of the Appeal Board’s decision to all involved parties. Appeal Board actions represent a final university decision.
Students who are dismissed or suspended for reasons other than academic should refer to the Student Handbook for appeal procedures.
Questions: Contact the Office of the Registrar

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