The Alternation Sequence – Academic and Work Terms

Each student assumes responsibility for maintaining satisfactory progress toward their degree. This includes following an alternating sequence between school and work while they are enrolled (two school terms and two work terms per academic year). This alternation schedule is determined based on the student’s section status (A or B section) noted below.

A-Section            B-Section

Summer: School          Summer: Work
Fall: Work                    Fall: School
Winter: School             Winter: Work
Spring: Work               Spring: School
Any changes to this school/work sequence must be approved in advance through the petition process (below).

Petition to Alter Academic/Work Sequence

If circumstances arise and a student finds it necessary to alter their academic/work sequence, they must submit a Petition to Alter Academic/Work Sequence Form. Exceptions are considered for circumstances involving GPA issues, problems in course scheduling, change in academic major, employment status, special academic opportunities (such as study abroad programs) or a documented, major medical concern. Students may not adjust their alternation sequence without receiving advisement and all required approvals on the petition form. This ensures the student, their academic advisor, the employer, the Cooperative Education Manager/Educator and the Office of the Registrar will be aware of any change in plans. As such, arrangements made between students and employers may or may not be approved. It is the responsibility of the student to submit the completed, signed Petition to the Office of the Registrar so that appropriate registration adjustments are made. Failure to comply with this procedure may put the student’s status with the university in jeopardy and, in some cases, the student being dropped from the co-op program. Students should consult with the Financial Aid Office for information on how altering the academic/work sequence may affect financial aid.
Questions: Contact the Office of the Registrar

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