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Book Discussion:
Thursday, September 10 at 12:30 p.m.

Summer Term's book is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K.

Bring your lunch and join us in the library for an engaging conversation about the book and author. Have you already read the book? Join us anyway; we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 256






The 1982 film Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford was based on this book by visionary writer Philip K. Dick. Originally set in 1992, the time has been changed to 2021 in later editions. After World War Terminus, most of Earth had been decimated by radioactive fall-out. To encourage people to emigrate to other planets for survival, they were assigned androids as servants. Often the only way to differentiate an android from a human being was empathy testing. Androids did not possess it. Rick Decker was an android bounty hunter hired to “retire” rogue androids. The androids have other ideas and fight back with deadly results.

"In Dick's futuristic dystopian novel, life has become a tenuous existence for those who have stayed behind after the war and exodus to other planets. Dick blends the detective story with science fiction and a bit of philosophy." -Publisher's Weekly

"The classic novel behind the cult film classic directed by Ridley Scott. As atmospheric and even more compelling than the film. A dystopian tour de force." -Fred Dodnick

In addition to two copies of the paperback book, there is a six-part graphic novel available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.


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