Editing is an independent review of a written document with a focus on clarity, format, grammar, and mechanics. All editing changes are provided in the form of electronic comments and suggestions that can be either accepted or rejected by the author. While the editor may suggest clarifying certain sections of the document, the content of the document is the sole responsibility of the author. Editing services are provided by professional staff members and are free to Kettering faculty.

Documents that can be edited

  • Grant and research proposal
  • Articles
  • Reports
  • Syllabi
  • Administrative documents

How the process works

  • The document is submitted electronically, in MS Word, to the Writing Center Coordinator.
  • The Writing Center Coordinator will acknowledge receipt and identify the turnaround time. 
  • If the Writing Center is unable to complete the service due to time constraints, alternative editing options will be identified (if available).
  • The completed document will be emailed back with the corrections identified through the “Track Changes” function.



Consultations are available on topics related to the incorporation of writing into any course/discipline: 

  • Reviewing syllabi for clarity and organization.
  • Developing writing assignments for the course.
  • Assessing the strength of existing writing assignments.
  • Designing assignment assessment rubrics and timelines.
  • Consulting about student writing needs and how to address them within the course.

Consulting services are offered by appointment only. To make an appointment, contact 

Dr. Denise Stodola
Writing Center Coordinator

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