• Test proctoring is available to students that are unable to complete testing during regularly scheduled times whether due to extenuating circumstances or because of disability accommodations.
  • The role of the center is to assist (but not replace) faculty in providing students with testing accommodations. Ultimately, the responsibility for administering testing lies with faculty.
  • While the center will make every attempt to accommodate faculty requests for specific testing times, a request may not be accommodated due to limited staff, space, and/or time. When a request cannot be accommodated, the faculty member will be asked to provide alternative testing times.
  • Students’ right to education supersedes concerns about test integrity. Students with extended testing time accommodations cannot be forced to take a test at a specific time if that time overlaps with another class. In such cases, the test time will have to be adjusted, which may require faculty to provide an alternative version of the exam to maintain test integrity.



Before the test:

  • Faculty submits a Test Proctoring Request Form either electronically or on paper.
  • Once the form is submitted, student schedules a testing appointment with ASC. Appointments are scheduled strictly based on availability.
  • Once the appointment is scheduled, the faculty delivers the test along with the Test Cover Sheet to ASC (both can be submitted electronically or on paper).

During the test:

  • Students must show a picture ID before taking the exam. 
  • Cell phones must be put on vibrate and stored in a book bag for the entire duration of the test.
  • Students are only allowed to bring materials clearly identified by the professor on the test cover sheet.
  • Students who use the bathroom during the test cannot take anything with them from the testing area.
  • Students who come in late will have the remainder of the scheduled time to complete the test.
  • In the event of cheating, the exam will be stopped, and all materials will be returned to the professor along with the written incident report.

After the test:

  • Faculty member will receive an e-mail from ASC informing him/her that the test has been completed. At that point, the faculty member should pick up the completed test from the Academic Success Center and sign the test cover sheet.



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