Academic Success Center Testing Services


The mission of the Testing Services is to support Kettering students in the pursuit of academic excellence by offering them an opportunity to be tested in a secure and comfortable non-classroom environment.

Make-up tests

Students who are unable to take their scheduled tests due to illness or other emergency circumstances may make up the test within ASC.

Testing accommodations

Students who require accommodations based on a diagnosed and registered disability may take tests within ASC.
Please note: testing accommodations are provided only when the student completes all five of the following steps:
  1. Receive a documented diagnosis from a medical provider licensed to provide such diagnosis
         (Once every three years)

  2. Register with the Wellness Center, providing  a copy of the diagnosis documentation.
         (Before or at the start of every term)

  3. Wait until the Wellness Center reviews the documents; if the student is approved, the Wellness Center sends a letter to the current professors informing them of the allowable accommodations.
         (Early every term)

  4. Inform the professors in whose classes the student intends to use accommodations.
         (Early every term)

  5. Have the professor make arrangements with ASC for any quizzes or tests.
         (Before each test)

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