Student Input Is Important

On February 24-26, a Higher Learning Commission review team will be on campus to evaluate if the University meets their criteria for quality education.

Student Open Forum

An opportunity to meet with the peer reviewers informally and in an open forum. 
Tuesday, February 25 – 12:30 – 2 pm, AB -225
Lunch service begins at noon.

Why should students care about accreditation?

HLC accreditation is the lifeblood of Kettering. It signifies that the University meets specific quality standards in higher education. Accreditation also validates the university’s claims regarding its commitments to: 

  • Student learning,
  • Contributing to the public good 
  • Educating students for a diverse and global society 
  • Continuous self-scrutiny
  • Processes that lead to improvements, integrity, transparency, and  institutional self-governance

Lack of accreditation has a profound impact on institutions.  

  • Unaccredited schools do not have access to any federal financial aid for its students.
  • Faculty and staff may not compete for federal grants.
  • Degrees from unaccredited institutions inhibit graduates’ ability to gain acceptance to graduate and professional schools.
  • Employers often reject applications from job seekers with degrees from unaccredited colleges and universities.
  • The best prospective employees—particularly faculty—are unlikely to accept positions at an unaccredited university. 

Why should students engage with the HLC’s campus visit?

A robust and meaningful campus visit requires engagement from all our stakeholders. The reviewers seek informative and constructive insights from them so they may gain a broad perspective of Kettering now, its plans for the future, and stakeholders’ knowledge and opinions about initiatives to improve the University.

How can students help?

A successful comprehensive visit relies upon stakeholders’ engagement and participation. Each of you has unique contributions to make to this a campus-wide exercise in reflection and self-scrutiny.

  • Attend the Student Open Forum.
  • Ask questions!  It demonstrates engagement with the accreditation process and reflects positively on Kettering.
  • Read the Introduction of the Self-Study.