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Kettering University’s amazing legacy of global leadership and achievement results from active and productive relationships with a wide range of stakeholders that includes alumni, industry partners, educators, community leaders, neighbors and friends. The University is committed to strengthening this culture of engagement and giving with all stakeholders in support of Kettering University’s mission.

Student working to better Flint and the world through engineering, co-op with NASA

Angad Mehrotra had two goals when he chose to attend Kettering University. First, he wanted to create unique opportunities for himself that would also expand the scope of Kettering’s collective co-op reach. Secondly, Mehrotra wanted to dedicate himself to using his engineering education to make Kettering and the greater Flint community a better place.

Mehrotra arrived at Kettering after having a memorable FIRST robotics career with Team 503 Frog Force in Novi, Michigan, where he competed at the Worlds competition multiple times. He began as a team engineer but progressed to advanced engineering where he also designed parts for the competitions. Both the design and engineering aspects of FIRST helped broaden his scientific and technical scopes and provided a preview of an engineering education.

“I was able to take a lot of hands-on experience and see what engineering is really like,” Mehrotra said.

Once he arrived at Kettering to study Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mehrotra immediately began working on his first goal - creating unique opportunities for himself and in turn the entire school.

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