Kettering University produces some of the finest graduates in science, engineering, mathematics, and business in the world, and the success of its alumni stands in testament to the excellence of the work the university does daily. Just as we teach our students, Kettering is committed to self-examination and continuous improvement.

University Committee on Accreditation and Assessment

About UCAA

The University Committee on Accreditation & Assessment (UCAA) provides critical assessment leadership to the university and is responsible for establishing and supporting a process of institution-wide continual self-evaluation and improvement. The committee oversees and assists academic and administrative units in conducting ongoing assessment activities with the goal of improving retention and graduation, student learning, student development, and university services/operations. It operates transparently, and engages stakeholders from across the institution.

The UCAA has the following charge:

  • Define and lead the implementation of university institutional effectiveness assessment policies and procedures;
  • Oversee and review the adequacy and timeliness of academic program reviews and unit assessment results;
  • Provide a comprehensive annual report to the President documenting strengths and weaknesses of the university’s overall effort in assessment and institutional effectiveness;
  • Provide guidance to the President and the Cabinet on ways to link effectively assessment of University Learning Outcomes and the co-op experience to planning and budgeting.

The 17-member UCAA committee is chaired by Dr. Kathryn Svinarich who can be reached at 810-762-7471 or